Purposeful Story

A Star is Born

C. Marie Williams was born with a gift at cross connecting people from the boundaries in front of them to their humanity on the other side. She has grown into a transformational millennial speaker, business & organizational developer, purpose trainer, writer, and proudly- humanity’s consultant. From a young age she has pushed the envelope, broken-down barriers and empowered her peers to be their most authentic selves.From student council president, to peer mediator, cheerleading captain to traveling oratorical speaker- she could make rooms stand still with her passion and her conviction for change. At 14-years-old, she performed an original 5-minute written piece on the stage of Bishop TD Jakes’ church, The Potter’s House. From the time she was in elementary, C. Marie had teachers and even principals prophesize to her, “you will be the president or a global leader one day.” She began making unexpected, unpopular choices as a young woman to focus on her purpose in this world–a sermon her father preached to her since girlhood. At 15-years-old, she canceled her coveted modeling contract and at 16 she relinquished her earned spot on her high school dance team- choosing the less noticeable, less popular route to focus on competing in speaking, writing, debate and her 1ststartup organization. By her senior year she won 1st place medals in almost every district and regional competition she entered- including humorous acting duets.

Life at OU

C. Marie attended the University of Oklahoma and quickly became a force to be reckoned with. She produced events and programs to take organizations higher and push them to fulfill their purpose; she created and lead various teams to win competitions, launched local and international mentoring programs and started notable events such as, Race, Gender and Politics, to provide a place for open discussion on important topics. She went on to become Community Chair of the Ronald McDonald Young Professionals, VP of Alumni Relations for The Business School’s Fraternity, Delta Sigma Pi, Vice President of the Pre-Law Club, Campus Liaison for the Black Student Association, a NEW Women’s Leadership Alumna, OU’s Most Beautiful Title, & 1st Runner Up for Miss Black & Gold. She received a Bachelors of Arts in Economics and Political Science.


Rise of a Mogul

C. Marie landed over 10 internships at courthouses, state & U.S. legislative offices, city chambers and startup companies in Texas and Oklahoma. She secured highly paid opportunities in Fortune 100 & Fortune 500 companies as well as prominence in the nation’s largest non-profits. Northrop Grumman, Union Pacific Railroad, Bed Bath & Beyond, The Boy Scouts of America to name a few. C. Marie found it difficult to stop creating and going above and beyond her scope of work to bring about positive change and development. She found herself constantly pitching ideas, creating events, team leadership and engagement initiatives, rewards, incentive programs and talent development assessments. She also hosted, spoke for and was even a radio and TV guest for The City of Houston, SHAPE Community Center, Friends of Emancipation Park, KHOU Houston, KCOH Radio, Galveston Historical Foundation, The Women’s Earth and Peace Camp. She has given local presentations at Rotaries, Key Clubs, City Chambers and Meetup Groups.


From Passion to Purpose

C. Marie’s journey has led her to the realization that she was meant to be a change agent in the institutions and a representative for the common person. Whether it’s helping small or large organizations, women or men, peers or the youth, her purpose aligns with being outside and helping people on the insideHer genius lies in institutionalizing humanity and making people believers out of their capacity. This is why she loves creating impetus in one of the oldest, largest and riskiest industries in human history- real estate. Her real estate investment company, Impetus Real Estate Partners, that she owns and operates with her husband takes a fresh approach to people power and creating the “win-win-win”.


The Purpose Broker, is the company of C. Marie’s decade long dream and culminated experience. It provides:

  • Business and people development consulting, presentations and keynote speeches to small and large organizations around the world.
  • Works with clients on strategy, planning and problem solving
  • Helps clients create transparency, develop relational skills, team building, personality and diversity understanding and inclusion.
  • Generates leadership from the ground up and accountability to the environment and experiences of others  
  • Ignites and implements a sense of commitment towards goal achievement and a common purpose
  • Guides employees/members towards conflict resolution
  • Helps the individual and team to develop a strong vision where they have the power to decide their collective destinies

“Your Purpose Cannot Be Negotiated”